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Author Topic: Real photographers?  (Read 2724 times)


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Re: Real photographers?
« Reply #20 on: March 20, 2014, 09:19:42 PM »

I had 3 cameras on hand a Sony HX100V a Kodak Z1285 and an Olympus tough TG2. I'm on a bicycle tour and had to buy the Kodak at a pawn shop after the barrery in the Sony died. After force charging the battery I decided to compare the three cameras. The test was done at 100 percent overcast at noon and I photographed a steel ruller. The sony has 16 megapixels and the Olympus has 12 megapixels the sensors are the same size and both are BSI. The resolution of both were the same and they both took identical time and f stop to make the photos. The kodak has 12 megapixels and a slightly larger sensor it was twice as fast as the olympus at the same f stop. By the way the kodaks are quite tough my old ones have fallen out of my shirt pocket several times and survived. My old Kodak Z1085 IS  would have been even faster than the Z1285 and I'm willing to bet also has the same resolution. The Z1085 IS was advertized as taking AA batteries but it turned out lithium only not NiMh. I would have returned the camera had I payed full price for it. I tried to buy a set of nickle zinc rechargable batteries which would have worked in the camera at 1.9 volts but no store had them. Kodak wanted me to buy their lithium batteries and charger. I have money but on a tour I need to keep the weight and bulk down since my lights take AA batteries that's what I want. The sony not only has a proprietary usb plug bus so does the power cord. The Olympus also has a proprietary USB charger. Why? My poloroid tablet gets by with a standard micro USB charger. There is one bright spot the Sigma cameras can be charged with a universal laptop charger I think I will buy an SD15 which I believe will have a higher resolution than my current 3. By the way I have calculated the theoretical DXO mark scores of the SD15 it is 61 not great but about the same as the Fuji forensic cameras.
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