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Author Topic: Zeiss Superachromat T* 250/350mm any good  (Read 13453 times)


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Re: Zeiss Superachromat T* 250/350mm any good
« Reply #40 on: May 16, 2011, 10:47:05 PM »

Hasselblad will tell you that the new H-lenses are superior. Use some time to study the MTF-charts on these lenses and you will see the truth is not that simple..

These lenses are better than any long lenses made today.

Not simple is right.  I've always found the MTF curves for the 250 SA to be perplexing because the performance is not particularly close to the diffraction limit even at f/8.  Also, reading between the lines of Zeiss' own published literature on superachromats, I have to wonder whether they are really superachromatic or not.  I once analyzed the patent prescriptions for the 250 SA, and it only appeared to be an apochromat with three crossings.  I'd certainly like to do a UV-IR star test on an actual lens to find out what it actually does.

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