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Author Topic: Heads-Up for Toronto-Area Members  (Read 5762 times)

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Heads-Up for Toronto-Area Members
« on: January 31, 2006, 01:16:20 am »

(I'm not sure that this topic belongs in this section but it seemed to be the best fit.  Please excuse me if I've erred.)
You may know that the renowned architect Frank Gehry has designed a new building for Toronto's art museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).  As part of the run-up to the building's 2008 opening, and during its construction, the AGO will be hosting an exhibit titled "Frank Gehry: Architecture + Art" from February 18 - May 7.  The exhibit will feature models, drawings and photographs of some of Gehry's more recent projects.  It promises to be quite a treat for fans of Gehry's unique designs.

(Moderate horn-tooting follows.)
As a fan of Frank Gehry's work myself, I was very honored when the AGO licensed one of my images to use in the exhibit's promotional ads and displays.  I was even more honored when they asked to use five more of my images (of Gehry's work at Chicago's Millennium Park) for the actual exhibit.

But my blushing quickly dissolved to pale-faced fear when I learned the titanic plans that AGO has in mind for my images.  Three of the "smaller" images will be displayed at approximately 5' x 4'.  The two larger images will be in the neighborhood of 22' x 12'.  Gulp.  I've spent most of the past four days preparing these images, drawing upon every relevant tip and trick I could find from Michael's back-issues of the Video Journal and from everything I could find in works by Jeff Schewe, Bruce Fraser, Martin Evening, and any other "gurus" I could find.   (Also learning as much as possible about the vinyl-substrate ink jet printing processes that will be used to create the prints.)  I'm exhausted!

But personal stress aside, based on what I've seen and learned of the exhibit it should be a bit of a treat for photographers here who enjoy architectural photography (my own images excepted, of course).  The AGO has told me that it represents quite a departure from their normal style of exhibition.

Again, I apologize if this is not the correct section for this note.

p.s.  You can learn a bit more about the exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario's site:
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