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Author Topic: Sony A6000 plus Zeiss 16-70 lens  (Read 22174 times)

Paulo Bizarro

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Re: Sony A6000 plus Zeiss 16-70 lens
« Reply #20 on: January 14, 2015, 11:20:41 am »

Thanks to those who have contributed thus far, with comments and experiences. I have now a few more shots under the belt with this combination, and I can say it is very good indeed. My background is 20+ years of Canon EOS, but I do not fear new menus:)

I am considering this camera and zoom lens for travel and general use, and for such, it is a fine performer. The other I took it to the beach near my house, together with my primary landscape kit (Canon 6D and 16-35 f4 lens). The photos came out nice (posted some below). All in all, quite good. And certainly a lot smaller and lighter than a 6D with 24-105 lens...

A previous poster said above (my comments in brackets/bold):

"My feelings about the a6000-Zeiss 16-70 combo thus far:
- not as portable as I would have liked (perhaps, but to me is fine, and for those that not require a high quality zoom, there are pancake zooms and small primes available).
- AF not as efficient as I would have expected (not stress tested yet, but my shooting is not demanding in this regard).
- picture quality is pretty amazing (yes it is).
- the user interface is not something that you'd call intuitive but not the worst there is (once set, it is quite easy to shoot in my preferred mode, aperture priority).
- this combo is definitely a downgrade from a FF Canon system, no two ways about that (it depends on what you shoot, but in terms of IQ, I have seen amazing results from the A6000 and some FE Zeiss lenses like the 55 1.8).
- the flash is silly but fills in nicely at -1 stop (it does its job).

Who would buy this and for what?
- Honestly, I have no idea why a DSLR shooter would switch but maybe with some more getting used to I'll figure it out. (people who do not shoot action, sports, or fast wildlife, can save a lot on size, weight, and portability).
- Canon users, get the SL-1." (not really, the SL1 feels to me like a toy camera...).

This little A6000 with something like the SEL 35 f1.8 and OSS is very attractive...


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Re: Sony A6000 plus Zeiss 16-70 lens
« Reply #21 on: January 14, 2015, 12:30:38 pm »

Beautiful shooting, Sr. Bizarro. It makes me smile seeing the rocks at the seaside, the waves, the reflections and the clouds.
Same blood you and me. (from Kipling)

The first comment I make: Yes, the SL-1 feels like a toy camera but it has everything including the touch screen. It is a Canon, all the lenses are at your reach. There are a few of them around as you know and I know. It is not the fastest spade in the shed but then again, nothing keeps you from investing a bit more and getting, like, you know. I sold the SL-1 because I did not like the picture quality. Hmmm...there's not supposed to be anything wrong with it but I did not like it.

The second comment goes for the zoom I had chosen: f/4.0 16-70 Zeiss. I could have got the FF f/4.0 24-105 Canon for the same price. or cheaper. that sort of makes one critical about what one is getting. And now there is the 24-70 f/4 IS also cheaper than this Zeiss. A very good lens, why is the Zeiss more expensive as it is not even FF?

There is the Metabones adapter on the post which means that I have some Canon glass I can test on the a6000. Not expecting much though because I have eye glasses and I actually need the AF. There is one beautiful 55 mm lens for Sony that I'd probably love. The Canon 1.2 L I would probably love as well but no way I am going to get them both...

As I said, I am befriending the a6000 now. Until now, I feel very good when I grab the old 5D III and just shoot.
It is so...what would be the word...badabadaboummm whereas the Sony is more like tsippetytsippetytsipp.
Of course neither one of these onomatopoetics have nothing to do with the end result.
Which again ei very much dependent on the way you are able to use your equipment without too much swearing and throwing stuff around.

Xynthia wanted me to take the Real camera for the next sitting...she loved the Sony shots, though.
Probably there is a question about street credibility as well.
Four pounds of Canon vs. two of Sony. Make your pick!

I will be posting. My deadline is june 1st. If I still cannot manage the Sony so that it has ceased to be a machine between me and my subject, I'll sell it out.
If my 5D III gets left home most of the time, I will sell it instead.  I do not think I will.

Yeah, My game.
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