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Author Topic: Anyone used the Canon s70 and s80?  (Read 2881 times)


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Anyone used the Canon s70 and s80?
« on: December 13, 2005, 05:04:51 am »

I've probably been the most indescive person on this site. Learning as much as I can. New to it too. I've narrowed it down to two cameras Canon s70 vs Canon s80. (I gotta have the 28mm). I can't afford both, probably it will never be worth it to buy a camera other than compact or ultracompact because of my injury (since 1998). I've read all the reviews, downloaded and read the manuals, done so much homework researching. What I am now looking for is a hands on experience comparison of the s70 vs the s80, with a personal choice and the reasons why you prefer one over the other.

(My Backgrond: See Profile. I use to paint outdoor landscapes "plein air", former art teacher and I'm searching for a creative outlet that embodies my spirit.
I'm guessing that the creative direction that I'll be going is combining landscapes, painting, digital painting, photographing landscapes, photgraphing myself for a model, scanning art and older images from 35mm film and then make composite images initially with traditional art materials combined with digital painting and digital photography. I'll also be doing alot of stitching. This will be the camera that I'll use until it is lost, stolen or broke. I have used digital cameras, but they were limited, no way to control the shutter, aperture, exposure or maintain it. Just simple automatic point and shoot with exposure compensation hidden in the menu.)

Anyone that has used both the Canon Powershot S70 and the Canon Powershot S80 cameras, I'd love to hear your comparisons from a personal point of view.
Also feel free to respond if you have other visual artistic interests and experience with digital photography.

Linda (Goldilocks)
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