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Author Topic: The new Induro CF- tripods vs RSS  (Read 8200 times)


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Re: The new Induro CF- tripods vs RSS
« Reply #20 on: September 26, 2014, 01:23:56 pm »

If you're a guy who shoots heavy rig in windy/inhospitable climes, and shoots just about anything else... you need a couple of good tripods.

Strong tripods are not light, regardless of what material they are made from, and light tripods seem not to be for your money shots

I use an RRS 34L w/BH-40 for difficult circumstances, but a Gitzo Traveler with a BH-30 for everything else. BTW, I also use a center post for small adjustments. I realize that tripod purists eschew them, but unless it's bad out there I'd rather the option of a few cm of lift. Not sure it ha a big effect on vibratory modes.. Fully extended is of course a different story

Not sure why anyone would want a metal tripod. The resonant frequencies are in the wrong place. COLD...!!! Probably the "Original Carbon Fiber" (wood) is best, but sooo heavy
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