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Author Topic: 10 bit RAW converters and editors  (Read 33403 times)


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Re: 10 bit RAW converters and editors
« Reply #80 on: June 23, 2014, 09:57:56 am »

Andrew, if you would prefer that I don't "spend the time here" then I will be more than happy to accommodate you.
Wow, where did that come from? Stay, spend time, don't spend time, matters not to me!
It does seem difficult for a certain type of person to understand that an interest in the technicalities of photography does not necessarily require the practice professional-style printing and does not necessarily require publication on-line of stunning images that magically look the same on all output devices.
You said the output was to screen. Who's? Yours properly calibrated? Someone else's using a circa 1995 sRGB CRT that can't hit 60cd/m2? I wrote, and it is true: as everyone who views that image will likely see something different, if that's not true, how do you explain it?
The weak link in all this is the display. In terms of gamut, consistency among other displays and users and the software they use to view the same RGB numbers. I make a print and it looks great to me, it will look great to you unless I do something really dumb and use a totally inappropriate illuminant condition and that's rather easy to fix (move the print). Not the same with a display.
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