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Author Topic: reproductions of old b&w photo's  (Read 3447 times)


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reproductions of old b&w photo's
« on: August 11, 2005, 11:38:23 am »


I got a big job of reproducing 683 old photo's,b&w, there size is 50x60CM.
I will work with a 1dsmkII in raw, i have a 24/70 or the 70/200 to work with,  for my set up i'll work with a big cambo stative and the camera is hanging above the photo's, left and right a open reflector with some spun, i mesure and the light is the same on every corner.
so far so good,  i saw that i will work around 70mm with the both lenses, maybe a bit shorter 65 or 60 mm, so the 24/70 is the best option but when i look at the photo's the lines of the photo's are not straight, so i can fix this in cr2 via lenscorection and also to get rid of some color fringing, BUT what is in your opinion the best (sharp,less distortion,color fringing) lens to use for this job??????

Primes are sharper, yes but which lens to use??

The cool thing is the camera is hanging 2 meters up and with remote capture i control the camera from the laptop, some people have bad experiences but here it works just fine.

kind regards,

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