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Author Topic: imac vs eizo?  (Read 13993 times)


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Re: imac vs eizo?
« Reply #20 on: October 29, 2013, 01:51:54 AM »

What's interesting is what happens when we compare the blacks and shadows on an image on a matte surface NEC/Eizo display side-by-side to a low reflection, fused glass iMac/rMBP display. The matte surface displays have a weaker DMax while the fused glass displays have a much darker black point. For someone that prints on a paper that also has rich blacks (like Baryta papers) the difference is really quite significant.

AH-IPS panels in new NEC PA series have much less aggressive coating, like good old SA-SFT in 2190UXi / 2180WG. There's much less flare induced by the ambient light, the image is clean and without "sparkling" or "clouding" issue, so you get the "Baryta look" and still have less reflections.

rMBP (I suppose) has some retardation film, so there's virtually no IPS black silvering when you look at an angle, and the impression of black depth is still a little bit deeper. Hope that new 4K panels will also have this feature...
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