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Author Topic: Panasonic GX7 EVF problem  (Read 3000 times)


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Panasonic GX7 EVF problem
« on: October 13, 2013, 09:06:15 am »

Hi, this is my first post in this forum, and I am coming here because I recently read the GX7 review from Micheal Reichman after trying it at a store.
I found that the eye-sensor of the GX7 cannot be turned off completely. Even when auto-switching is turned off, the eye-sensor will disable the EVF when you move away from the camera. This poses 2 issues:
1. The camera is never ready, because you get a delay between bringing it to your face and seeing the life-feed.
2. The eye-sensor will always turn on and off the EVF when carrying it at your side.

Another thing related to this is the lack of the "playback on lcd"-option in the menu.
The GX1 with LVF2 got everyting right in EVF and playback options, the GX7 is a step backwards for fast-paced work.

I am writing this here, because I hope that Mr. Reichman will read this and maybe give feedback to Panasonic. Because the implementation of the eye-sensor logic and the lack of "playback on lcd" is a deal-breaker for an otherwise almost perfect camera - for people like me.

Btw. I am not the only one, here are more complaints about it:

I would also be interested what GX7 users think.

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