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Author Topic: What happened to Phase One?  (Read 5263 times)


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Re: What happened to Phase One?
« Reply #20 on: August 28, 2013, 01:16:18 am »

The Pentax body sells for $7K now.  In opposite to others, CRIS did a good job with mine when I sent it to them with a shutter problem.  It makes sense to get a second body though or wait for the 645DII, which likely will have a larger buffer.  Tethering is available as well.  Many of the film era lenses are superb and can be purchased in good condition for reasonable prices.  The 25mm is exceptional and well worth the money, IMHO.  I personally don't entirely dig the 90mm, which I don't find significantly better than the 120mm, and I prefer the focal length of the 120mm.  Both are exceptional though, and I'd say the biggest problem of the 90mm is its close competitor, the 120mm.  I would like to see a longer telephoto/macro/portrait lens and perhaps a shift lens.  The proposed wide angle zoom seems very promising.  If I was them, I'd work on a revised lens line and the 645DII.  I like the system very much, the camera, the lenses, and the almost unlimited number of accessories and possible adaptations.  I also have some nostalgia for the buttersmooth focusing mechanism of those A-series manual focus lenses and adapted P67 counterparts. 
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