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Author Topic: What is the best Inkjet Printer for making neutral Black and White prints?  (Read 20397 times)


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I did not see that as a requirement anywhere in the original post.


If you're after a black-and-white inkjet printer, it's an implied requirement.

Any printer can make a reasonably-neutral black-and-white image. But, if you're specifically looking for a printer to make black-and-white prints, why would you not use the inkset that gives you a significantly better result than any of the others, and costs less too?

Ken Doo

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I think you could look at the OP question in two different ways. 

1.  What is the best inkjet printer for producing neutral B&W images, using the manufacturers stock ink/profile/drivers?  Or basically, printing right out of the box.

2.  Or what is the best inkjet printer that may be used (and/or converted) to produce neutral B&W images?

If I were trying to print only B&W images, I would definitely be leaning heavily towards a wide format inkjet printer, converted as a dedicated B&W printer.  I converted a new 9890 to K7 piezography for both glossy and matte B&W prints.  But I think in retrospect, a 7880 or 9880 may be a better choice for MPS gloss. Fantastic B&W images.
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