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Author Topic: Anyone Tried or Familiar with Scarab Darkroom  (Read 5284 times)


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Anyone Tried or Familiar with Scarab Darkroom
« on: May 10, 2013, 10:32:20 pm »

Heard about this RAW conversion utility today.  Free for now but a paid version is coming.  Limited camera support at this point.  For example, no D800/E support.  The creator of the utility says it's due to the size of the files and the RAM limitations in a 32 bit environment.  Not sure whether that means it's not using a scratch disk or not.  But that's what he told me.


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Re: Anyone Tried or Familiar with Scarab Darkroom
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2013, 12:01:00 pm »

I've tried it.  It seems very good, but is it so much better that I would modify my workflow to include it?  Not really.  If I were in the process of setting something up or modifying  my workflow, I'd consider it.  But raw development seems a pretty mature set of functions to me, so I don't see myself switching things around just to use it.  Even PSP X5 does a fair job with raw anymore.
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