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Author Topic: Should Camera Companies adopt non-proprietary raw?  (Read 36488 times)


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Re: Should Camera Companies adopt non-proprietary raw?
« Reply #120 on: May 06, 2013, 09:24:20 am »

Pentax and Ricoh (now under the same roof), Leica, Casio, and other adopters of DNG routinely store proprietary metadata in the private DNG MakerNote.  They use such information for some vendor-specific image processing routines, diagnostics, etc.  There does not appear to be any conflict between their desire to keep this information private, and the ability to store the raw image data itself and associated essential metadata (e.g., white balance coefficients, calibration data, opcode corrections, etc.) in a publicly accessible and documented form.
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Re: Should Camera Companies adopt non-proprietary raw?
« Reply #121 on: May 06, 2013, 10:17:27 am »

This was not from digital cameras, but Photo CDs  He did not totally lose them, as there are means to recover them...he has to make decision if the effort is worth it.  With 20/20 hind sight it might have been avoided.

I was hoping to stay out of this since we've been down this rabbit hole but to clarify:

The problem (and it IS a problem for me) is I have both PhotoCD and old camera file formats I can't access today. Cameras from early Kodak, Leaf, Phase and others while doing reviews of those cameras. It is NOT impossible for me to access that data but it would be very difficult and very expensive to do so. WHY should I have to suffer this problem when a camera built and used during the same time that captures an open format (say JPEG) suffers none of these issues? The reason this problem exists is the proprietary raw format, nothing more. There is zero, none, nada reason for this. It's totally political. But I said all this to you jrs about a month ago, so why repeat myself again?

20/20 has nothing to do with it. There was no DNG at the time these images were captured nor a means of converting to an open raw format. The same ugly situation could happen in 10 years with the same results. Why should we allow this to be such an unfortunate option?
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Re: Should Camera Companies adopt non-proprietary raw?
« Reply #122 on: May 06, 2013, 01:05:18 pm »

The situation is that, as users, we have no
Control on brands politics and are on bondage.

 there isn't to date a universal adoption of dng
Neither for stills nor motion.  This is a very
Unfortunate situation but that's what is.

I can't wait to see the holy mess comming in motion
Because the post is so more complex and when
Will have red RAW, arriraw, Cinema dng, canon raw, nikon
Raw, panasonic raw, Sony raw, phantom raw,
This is going to be the HUGE mess.

The editing rooms are going to be in flames. As if it
Wasn't enough mess with the non RAW formats, but
No, this is nothing with what's coming slowly but surely.

The wild west is going to feel like a refined classical palace.
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