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Author Topic: Why no 1dx review on this site yet?  (Read 7600 times)


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Re: Why no 1dx review on this site yet?
« Reply #20 on: January 11, 2013, 11:48:40 pm »

Hi Michael,

Are you using laser "Disto" for MF on Alpa and LV on DSLR?

I absolutely agree that AF is important on each camera.

In the end I would suggest that most cameras make good enough pictures. Nikon has pulled ahead in resolution with the D800. Regarding DR, I must say that I have seen little issues with DR on my four year old Sony Alpha 900. The Sony Alpha 99 I also have has probably two stops of DR more, but that is nothing I can measure. Anything past 12 stops seem be spoiled by light leaks, reflected light and lens flare. There is a reason DxO uses a special built target to measure DR.

Best regards

I'll just add that while AF is important for the type of street shooting that I do with CSC and other small cameras, I hardly use it when I'm shooting with a full frame or medium format camera.

But I have a wide range of different cameras available to me, and so pick the one that's best for the day or the moment. Hardly the norm though, so I do appreciate a camera that has strong AF performance is what a lot of people need.


Erik Kaffehr


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Re: Why no 1dx review on this site yet?
« Reply #21 on: January 12, 2013, 02:43:31 am »

I have recently been wildlife shooting with the   5D3 and400mm f4 DO  which has a similar AF system to the 1DX. I was photographing terns in flight in windy conditions. They were really moving. I would say in excess of 70kmh and close range and it was difficult just keeping in frame.

The 5D3 locked on even when there was a cliff in the background. I captured fish in their beaks and could even see the fishes eyes.

There was no way my old 1DS3 could do this. And they say the 1DX AF is even better. These cameras may not have the best DR but boy they have a great AF system.



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Re: Why no 1dx review on this site yet?
« Reply #22 on: January 12, 2013, 11:50:40 am »

I do photograph landscapes, but I admit that I need a jack of all trades.  Michael's point about many tools at hand is right - I have a more limited option set.  The D800 and Mk III cross DR performance at around ISO 800 ( which is not to say that the D800 is bad above D800 in my experience, but the DR advantage that I saw with the D800 (especially pulling from darks) was most useful in the lower range and it wasn't so compelling that it kept me from moving to the 5DMk III because of the focus.

I'm often out with my camera on an AS head and Gitzo set of legs an a cable release, but I'm also shooting at the higher ISOs now because they are so clean.  I'm not down on the D800 as capable of wonderful images - I made some nice landscapes with it (  But I do find its AF and higher ISO performance in the Mk III really useful.  I agree those issues vary by user, although I found the D800 focus to be frustrating, even in my landscape work if I was shooting with the lens more open or wildlife (part of that was AF, part of that was the Nikon's LCD zoom implementation - it's much easier to MF zooming in on the screen with the 5D Mk III, but that may also be a lack of better MF know how on my part). 
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