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Author Topic: The future of medium format  (Read 59258 times)


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Re: The future of medium format
« Reply #180 on: December 20, 2012, 05:07:49 am »

Ebay used from an ebay member since 2003 with a 100% favorable feedback based in New York:
Phase One IQ140 in exellent condition.
Sold for only $ 12,000.
New it costs $ 21,990
Loss            $ 11,990   45% Loss  

Phase One "Schneider" 110mm 2.8:
Sold for only $ 2,250
New it costs $ 4,790
Loss            $ 2540      53% Loss

Phase One DF
Sold for only $ 2,800
New it costs $ 5,900
Loss            $ 3,100     52% loss

While a camera isn't a security one would expect it to hold more of it's value if it really
has unbeatable qualities.

Here's were you fall over a bit Fred. I've been a user on ebay for much longer and I think what some people try to get for their used DB's is way off in la la land but....

My Canon 1DX was 5299 new from a UK retailer.
The Canon 1DX bought new from ebay is 4299
In three years time I'll be lucky to get 2000 for it.

Same thing happened with my 1DS3 5k outlay, 2k sale price when new tech came along. That's about 60-65% loss.

Lenses are no different

Canon 70-200mk II new list price : 2799
Canon 70-200mk II new from ebay : 1500
Canon 70-200mk II used from ebay : 1000

Hasselblad HC 50-110 new from Hasselblad: 4554
Hasselblad HC 50-110 new from ebay: 2549
Price I paid for my used one with 5k clicks: 1300


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Re: The future of medium format
« Reply #181 on: December 20, 2012, 09:35:15 am »

if you are a working photographer then any bit of 35mm kit thats sub 6k should be paid for in few jobs at the beginning of it's lifetime which for me is about 3 years for a body before it gets relegated to a back-up then finally sold. if you cant make the sums work i suggest you take up another career or look at your day rate.
lenses hold their value and i tend to hang on to them, those i have sold have 'cost' very little.


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Re: The future of medium format
« Reply #182 on: December 20, 2012, 01:37:30 pm »

I don't run this forum, the direction it takes is none of my business, but as I read some of the posts I wonder how many photographers under the age of 40 actually participate.

I know the assistants I work with don't.  They're too busy reading and posting in the hundreds of blogs, twitter accounts and instigram sites to care.

They go on the web to learn and entertain themselves and honestly could care less what camera is a better deal.  

What they do care about is what camera might help them produce a unique look.

What they are smart enough to realize is to do their own research, testing and post work so they can judge any camera on it's own merits, by using it as it's intended.

They use everything they can get their hands on from Iphones, 5d3's, Mamiya 7's and some . . . now hold on this might surprise some people, but they actually own or  would like to own a medium format digital camera.

They make take a dozen Iphone images a day, but when they have something worthwhile, they ask to borrow in this order . . . our medium format backs, grip/hmi lighting, REDs.

That tells me something.

The Greater Fool?  

I wasn't referring to cameras as commodities, any more than I think if I sell our studio rubbish bins, vehicles or filing cabinets we'll turn a profit.

Every successful person I know, in any business or endeavor that wasn't built on a trust fund was the greater fool.  They took the unconventional road and made it work for them.  When everyone looked right, they turned around and looked left.

They are realists, dreamers and explorers all rolled into one.

Anyway this is my last post on this thread as all it does is open another door for more negative camera bashing and it would be nice if that door was shut.

Everything that should not have been said has, anything worthwhile has been passed over.

Happy Holidays.


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Re: The future of medium format
« Reply #183 on: December 20, 2012, 01:48:28 pm »


I started this thread, and now I try to lock it. The idea was to talk about the future of MFD, but I think we got into to much discussion about old stuff, and I don't feel we are gaining any new ground.

Thanks for all contributions!

Best regards
Erik Kaffehr
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