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Author Topic: Capture One 7 Masters Program  (Read 1967 times)

Doug Peterson

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Capture One 7 Masters Program
« on: November 19, 2012, 10:33:47 am »

I thought many on the forum might be interested in our upcoming Capture One 7 Masters Program (COMP). This intensive program entitles you to 3 hours of introductory level Capture One training (Nov 28) via real-time webinar followed by 8 hours of in-person comprehensive Capture One Training (Dec 4).

You will not find a class on Capture One 7 that is as in-depth, as honest (about the good and the bad), and as focused on real-world use as this class.

Partial List of Topics:
Advanced Interface Customization
- Dual monitor setups
-Fixed-multi-point focus evaluation
Cataloging and Importing
- Advanced preset handling per ISO and lens
- Verifying the catalog
- Automatic and Manual repair of corrupt catalog
Backups and File Transmission
- Session COS backup and adjustment transmission
- EIP format, including manual extraction utility
Tethering Tools
- Settings for machine-gun shooters
- Advanced Overlay usage
- Avoiding death-knell of Composition Mode
Capture Pilot
- Set up for off-site real-time eval & feedback
- Requirements for simultaneous device access
Advanced Image Adjustments
- Using the R-G-B level tool in high ISO images
- Leveraging LCC for incident-light-evening
Skintone and Color Editing
- How to create a skintone black hole
- Product-specific color patch matching
- Profiling cameras
- Advanced workflows using basic scripts
System Optimization
- Ram headroom evaluation
- Dual boots and bootable backups
- Auxiliary file locations and purposes
- OS <--> SDK interaction
- OpenCL variations
- Bugs vs. Quirks

Learn More, and Sign up:
Capture One Masters Program (COMP)
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