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Author Topic: LR Catalog Location  (Read 9502 times)


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Re: LR Catalog Location
« Reply #20 on: December 18, 2012, 04:30:27 AM »

Much will depend on what particular functions you want to improve. Where SSDs do help is with searching through libraries, other aspects like importing/exporting files, building previews or the responsiveness of the develop controls really won't see much(if any) benefit from using SSDs.
I am currently looking at my drive situation and wondering where the best bang for buck is going to be regarding speed.
Right now the best place to spend money on improving LR4's speed is a faster CPU.
I've been down the route of putting the library & ACR cache on an SSD, then putting the OS+programs onto an SSD, but apart from faster program loading times, the operational speed of LR hasn't been as dramatically improved as you might expect from reading about this issue.
The only time I've seen a dramatic improvement from an upgrade was moving from a 4 core 2.4ghz CPU to a 3.7ghxz 8 core system.



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Re: LR Catalog Location
« Reply #21 on: December 18, 2012, 05:26:09 AM »

I'm a big fan of getting an SSD for the operating drive first. It makes such a difference in the "feel" and responsiveness of the machine. I know it doesn't speed up any true process intensive tasks, but it sure is nice to have programs open quickly and to have fast start ups/restarts. I don't think that it's as much that there is a lot of I/O on the disk, but rather that all the little operations each happen more quickly because the seek times of an SSD are so much faster than a traditional hard drive.

I just put a new SSD in my old Mac Mini and there was a remarkable improvement in the general useableness of the machine. I got a 256GB Samsung 830 on sale for $160 and it was well worth it. Took a several year old computer and it breathed new life into it.
Thanks Sheldon, I appreciate  your insights on this.
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