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Started by Ray, October 20, 2012, 10:00:03 am


U going to be to much in  PAYNE..OPS PAIN, IF I do that...but trust me working people will be gone, before u open your eyes...Soif u ever work, come back to work.

Your messiah, just bring to you fire ,and then ICE...Ops must be what Al Gore said,,another liar, to get free cash, but, just look where he live.nice house...To bad, I'm paying for that as well!

Australia here I come..

I will tell U if U never been out of NY,...find a job,  U should take a trip to NZ or Australia, very nice places..In I will tell you this as well, who in the right mind, will even think to go in  vote for gay people get marry?, lets them get marry, should be all the same..Only problems, the world will end, how they can have kids..I guess like the guy in jail  want to be a woman in WE HERE IN MA have to pay for that as well.

My Infinity cost me 80,000..I want hussein Obama send me a check..Why not he giving free phone..In for me will not be free, I am paying for that as well.  BUt you don't think this should be about Asking God, (real one) to take any sickness away from Michael?  So keep your Messiah, in lets play to God, the U can open your eyes, and stop taking free staff



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Australia here I come..



Me thinks you might have been too hard on the sauce the last couple of days.  If you think that Australia is some right-wing, libertarian, or conservative bastion, you need to do a little more research.

Our Prime Minister is a woman, atheist and she's not even married to her (male) partner, who by the way is a hairdresser.  As much as I loathe him, the leader of the opposition, a conservative by our standards, would be considered a left-wing nutcase if dropped into an election in most of the USA.  Several of our senior parliamentarians are openly gay or lesbian.  One is even married to a FtM transgender.  Let's not forget our national healthcare system, mandatory contributions to Superannuation Funds, and multiple additional social safety nets.  Same sex civil unions are recognised across the country and it is widely accepted on both sides, despite the recent loss in parliament, that marriage rights will be extended as well in the not too far future.  Although, we do have a history of being a racist bunch sometimes.

So yeah, do your best to get a residence and working visa here.  Come on down, I'm sure you'll fit in swimmingly.

ps. And in case you're wondering, New Zealand is probably worse!

Bryan Conner

Quote from: BlasR on November 08, 2012, 01:08:24 pm
I can fly airplane..I went to school for that!  I can write in Spanish so well, I had been a news paper Journalist for over 24 years..Went to school for that as well!(wow)

i was a professional jockey, work like a dog( but a white dog), to earn money, then a professional Boxer (didn't lose a fight in 11 fights) So i can kick your ass as well.  I start working when i was 4 years old..if anyone ask for a favor, I did the favor, no gift can be accepted..A favor was a favor...My father die, because we didn't have money to pay to the Doctor, so he send him home to die..At 43 he was gone..16 kids one Mom..Lets go to work..No favor from NO ONE,,LETS GO TO WORK..Work, like a DOGs,,(I'm the poor one, in still alive 13, in I'm rich) went to war as a Journalist, see the worse, but nothing like now, putting the thing to be president..oh lord! help us all!!!!!

Tmy hard work, I can rest, in now he saying give it to you to smoke?  Get lost!..., now stupid people like U, believed the  my hard working MONEY, I should give to them,(I'm sure 100% plus, U are one of them)..As, I think the only people it doesnt scare and who Obama hussein will be celebrating are the radical muslims, terrosists( look Libia) groups and of course the American commi's as well as the people who are depressed and need someone to hold their hand.  and those the want my hard working money, to use drug with it.

HE IS A LIAR and is BAD for America.

May God bless all.

Oh I forget..I can take photos as well..No bad!

Send me a check, noooo,stick it.....I hate free things..Never accept it, never will...never want it in I will DIE first, if I will jealous of those the work, make million or billion or a cent, in I want to be like them.

Be you, no someone else.
take a shower U need it!!!!!

Watch obama 2016..I did,  look his own Brother, or just find out of the uncle(drunk one) the is here in MA< ask, if Obama help him..Obama want we all be the same..BUT no him...

so why to work anymore?  we should always just drink, in wait for the next check to the hell your F**** Ass will get anything else from me.

I just wish, Michael, feel better don't U?

enjoy life!

Steve Weldon

Quote from: Slobodan Blagojevic on November 08, 2012, 01:38:58 pm
Isn't it something BHO's healthcare could have helped with?

Questionable.  So far there hasn't been any real progress made with dementia..


Get well soon Michael. A Torontonian here pulling for you!!

I guess all these years of my complaining about the higher prices of camera gear here in Canada are put in to favourable perspective. CRAP it's getting cold here now but I can better accentuate the positives thanks to this thread.

once again - get well soon.

ONE thing that is bad about the Canadian health care system is the substandard food in the hospitals. orange flavoured drink instead of real orange juice for example. Try to get some friends to bring you food. The over processed hospital food is not conducive to healing...