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Author Topic: Sigma DP2 Merrill Experiences  (Read 621598 times)


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Re: Sigma DP2 Merrill Experiences
« Reply #1060 on: July 05, 2016, 12:39:15 am »

This is the greatest forum thread I have ever read. 


The depth of knowledge and skill shown by the contributors is humbling. 

It took me 3 days to go through the thread, but it was worth it. 

A couple of things stood out.  One, why don't you talented photographers who have mastery of Sigmas cameras post some pics to dpreview?  For me, if not someone pointing out this thread, I would have had no idea.  dpreview sigma forum pictures are god afwul and most likely point people to other cameras.

Second, This is the most civil forum thread I have ever read.  Yes, there were moments of pride and petty, but for the most part, damn, people respected each other like I have never seen before.

Ok, I am not a pro.  Just an enthusiast.  Here is a recent picture I like, since its important to post pics to show skill level.

It was taken with a Fuji X100.  A camera, I bought used that had sticky shutter blade for its entire life.  To hell with the person who sold it to me, but I learned to live with it and recently did fix it.  Hat's off to Fuji, they only charged me labor to fix a camera that was out of warranty and 5 or 6 years old.

A picture taken from my last safari in 2015

Ok, the branch in bottom left sucks and the flash is a bit hot.  Got it.  Otherwise, this is my skill level.  No PP, other than portrait professional to remove my wife's wrinkles.

Now back onto subject of this thread.

I was asked to pay 12.00 for posting.  My first thought was, Thanks Michael for making it affordable, because god knows, I have learned a lot from Luminous!

Quentin, I paid the money to reply to your posts in primary.  I wanted you to know how thankful, I was for the effort you put in to educate people on the Sigma tool.

You are the man!

Also, I want to thank the other posters who gave me great joy in this thread. 

Do not take offense if you are not listed.  These people not only posted pictures but contributed to the thread in helpful ways.

Quentin - your pano of Cannes sold me on the Merrill, but should I wait for the SD Quattro H? 

Hulyss - Sucks you had to pull your images because of pressure from Sigma France, but it is obvious by peoples replies that you are
talented. Really unfortunate, people such as myself, could not see them in context of the thread.

Rand47 - stunning landscapes

BernardLanguillier - your eye's ability to see ambient light and shadows as paint strokes are amazing.

juan_amores - beautiful cactus

mezzoduomo - great landscapes
Thanks all!

Damn, best thread ever.

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