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Author Topic: Leica M Monochrom review  (Read 42573 times)


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Re: Leica M Monochrom review
« Reply #100 on: May 16, 2012, 02:29:22 pm »

Ok, Thanks, they are not perceptually uniform and one can draw wrong conclusion. Anyway this is too OT, so I'll leave it.

Irrespective of the perceptual uniformity the diagrams have a fundamental problem, IMHO. But, you are right, that is too OT here.
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Why should we trust a theory if it confirms your false assumption of Foveon resolving power? No sensor resolves beyond Nyquist, and Bayer CFA equipped sensors resolve over 90% of Nyquist. Even if we use the conservative 90% figure, it leads to Bayer pixel being worth 81% of a Foveon pixel in this regard. Not 50%.

Nothing "special" about that. All manufcturers have off-axix microlenses on mirrorless cameras, and possibly even in the DSLRs (though there the benefits would be significantly less).

Wrong. All manufacturers have this capability. Off-axix microlenses are standard technology. And to be even more precice, Kodak and Dalsa are far from being anywhere near the leaders of the pack regarding microlens technology.

Also, they are part of the "toppings", not integral to the sensor itself. Leica could make them themselves (though they don't necessarily have the tools inhouse and the expertise in this special field is certainly lesser than of Sony of other major players in image sensor bussiness).

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