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Author Topic: 5D3 Photographic Dynamic Range etc.  (Read 12812 times)


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Re: 5D3 Photographic Dynamic Range etc.
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My understanding is that readout noise may not mostly come from ADC-s, older Nikon did use Burr Brown ADCs but still had noise characteristics similar to Canon. It seems that Sony's technology with on chip ADCs makes a difference.

I hope you will be happy with your Nikon, please share the experience.

Best regards

I will be glad to share my experience with the 800E
BTW the reference to BB DAC's was from my audio background
The BB PCM63 is the best audio dac ever produced
Ultra Analog cascaded 2 of them on a single die producing the best DAC module
The Classe DAC 1 uses these Ultra Analog modules and is the best high end audio DAC ever produced
The Japanese companies developed inferior delta sigma DAC's to avoid royalties to BB
Since the PCM63 digital audio has steadily declined because of the emphasis on video and mp3's
Sad, oh I forgot this is a photography forum never mind :)
Marc McCalmont
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