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Author Topic: EIZO SX2462 and saturation  (Read 3933 times)


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EIZO SX2462 and saturation
« on: October 18, 2011, 08:47:23 am »

I have bought EIZO SX2462, and the problem is that when I calibrate it (easy pix sensor or i1 display 2) or just download profile from eizo site the colors seems to a little bit  pale(desaturated compared to normal calibrated srgb monitor EIZO L568 but 5 years old). And all other devices like notebooks, srgb monitors show more saturated and more natural colors. If I make saturation +35 for this monitor the colors become more similar to all other devices but in this case EASY PIX says to recalibrate monitor. So I prefere to make +9 saturation in ATI video card(colors look very close to srgb pictures on L568 and EIZO support says that it is normal to change some settings in video card before calibration if I need it). I also have NEC PA271w which also show a little bit pale colors compared to srgb gamut monitor. Why is it so? May be some owners of wide gamut can say something about this topic. My old eizo l568 have good saturation "from the box"(after calibration).  Also I should mention that SX2462 passed UGRA test successfully and even at +9 video card saturation test was passed. but at more saturation it failed. And if I turn on srgb mode in SX2462 monitor and then calibrate it using i1 display 2 it shows me the same gamut(1:1) as srgb windows profile, so it is very accurate. I use windows 7 and plan to try windows xp, may be some difference in saturation. 
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