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Author Topic: Traveling via AIR and aircraft  (Read 14100 times)


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Re: Traveling via AIR and aircraft
« Reply #20 on: July 15, 2011, 06:24:31 pm »

It would be funny, some members could suddenly meet up in an airport :) :p ::p, at the security desk the costums wouldn't know what happens :p:p,

I mostely get realy interested looks from the security guy when he sees the Phase One getting thourgh the machine :) :p

You should see their reaction to my Gowlandflex...

David Watson

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Re: Traveling via AIR and aircraft
« Reply #21 on: July 16, 2011, 04:57:19 am »

I travel a fair bit with a MF system (2 camera bodies and 5 or 6 lenses) and IMO the simples solution is to book Business Class with an airline that allows two carry on bags.  I put the legs of my tripod and all other non-essential gear in my checked baggage and all the cameras in my two carry-on bags.  In addition I quite often put lenses or other items in my coat pocket.  Never had a problem doing this on  many long-haul (New Zealand, Australia, LA) or on short-hall within Europe (Iceland, France, Italy etc.)

The only problem I ever had with security was when I packed some small CO2 containers for my air cleaner in my checked baggage and was asked to go back through security to identify the items which the removed and confiscated as being "dangerous"
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Re: Traveling via AIR and aircraft
« Reply #22 on: July 19, 2011, 02:02:49 pm »


I use a Domke Photo Togs. Mostly I carry my MacBook 13" in one of the inner pockets. The bag I use is Gura Gear Kiboko, it even fits Canadair regional jet overhead bins, with some care.

Other things:

- Try to choose a carrier with generous allowance
- Try to keep equipment down
- Tripod and other stuff goes into checked luggage

Best regards

I agree. Sometimes I have my largest camera and largest lenson my neck on a strap to keep carry on weight low... :)


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Re: Traveling via AIR and aircraft
« Reply #23 on: July 24, 2011, 10:45:47 pm »

Disclosure:  not a pro photographer.  Pro business traveler and terrible photographer.

As a counter point, I have been tagged more frequently on-continent than off-continent in the EU for weight related issues.  Orly is probably the worst offender; I once was lectured about my 17kg bag (I was in business class to boot, ORY-BCN) and the risks I was exposing my fellow passengers to.   I have had few problems in the US, but I carry frequent flier status, which may help.  I have a mixed bag of results in Asia; most of my flying there is in business class or better, which helps.  But some places (Kuala Lumpur, for example) will want to inspect every little thing that even remotely looks like it could be overfilled.

Transiting T5 once (24 hours after they opened in 2008, which has something to do with it), I had a security attendant pull out every piece of glass I had in my bag, pull off the lens caps, and swab down the insides (due to the optically "perfect" plastic explosive I was clearly carrying.)  They let me through, but my blood pressure was at the exploding point.  Ever since then, they have left me and my photographic equipment alone.

I have noticed that my typical carry-on "briefcase", a Timbuk2 Classic Messenger XL, has yet to be touched, even in the EU, even though it is usually filled with a laptop, iPad, cameras, lenses, a change of clothes, and a few other things.   It isn't an obvious bag, even though it is quite large (two 30 can cases of beer large), my "gentleman of luxurious proportions" frame covers it up quite well. 

One item to note is to pay attention to the equipment assigned to your route of travel.  Many regional jets and turboprops will be unfriendly to overhead storage of any real assortment of equipment, and may require a gate-check.  On some equipment (ATR-72, Dash-8, and Saab 340 spring to mind), good luck getting anything beyond a purse on board. 




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Re: Traveling via AIR and aircraft
« Reply #24 on: July 25, 2011, 02:23:42 am »

Following is what I have used as expat living different countries and frequent traveler across primarily Asia and Europe but at times also worldwide. Always in black camera bags since black is discrete. I have had up to five camera systems as carry on. I never check in my gear.

1. Tenba PBP, Photo backpack (near 10 years old) – Fits plenty, low weight, durable and comfortable. It has weighed up around 18kg on international flights, including always large pro carbon Gitzo on side. It is rare for the pack to be weighed or even questioned at check in.
2. Tenba Large Messanger bag - Carries my 4x5 Shen-Hao and 17" MacBook Pro... it kind of slips along to enable carry more than in my PBP, sitting in small compartment on luggage car during check in... thus rarely gets noticed…

3. Stand straight in line and when arrive to counter, appear relaxed in spite of that weight on back... = avoid show weight :)

4. Appearance of routine traveler, well prepared with passport, tickets, friendly... making job simple and quick for staff...

5. Only one small and within limit checked luggage, sort of to compensate and make simple. :)

6. If need carry more, e.g. books (heavy) or other gear, simply in the smallest looking plastic shopping bag they fit. Such bags tend to not be considered by staff… and could even be from transit shopping somewhere…

7. Film – Uhhhg… this has caused worst argue over the years... it is simply difficult nowadays, and with lack of respect at x-ray especially in Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland), while in Asia hand inspection is not much issue.
8. Polite persistence and ask for supervisor and police if necessary. My gear is simply my private property which I am not willing to risk at security checks. However very happy to cooperate and show them all during a hand inspection after the x-ray per myself taking out item by item for their view.

9. If being questioned I explain that I travel frequent and have carried ALL my gear on ALL flights. The international practice is by all airlines for camera and laptop to be exempt from carry on restrictions. Not sure what is referred by “camera” in that context…. Besides, once they have begun issue your boarding pass, they are in practice obliged to let you board…

10. I do not fly KLM.

It feels good! I have now sold off gear to reduce, since I am tired of carrying and having much gear. It feels it has been in way of my photography, less and simple makes photography more a joy and more a focus on the image! However, with above list I qualify as perhaps among ones who have carried most as carry on. ;D

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