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Author Topic: Hasselblad H1's, V's, GX680, Nikon, Profoto, Speedotron, Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS  (Read 12247 times)


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Re: GX680 kit, CF 528 back info
« Reply #20 on: February 05, 2012, 05:57:28 am »

Thought this PM would also help others with same question:

Thanks for contacting me. It happens that I also have one mount kit for that back for sale.

The III is only beneficial for more advanced options and flexibility if shooting film. The I or II will be fine for you, and save some substantial cash over the III.

Lens choice dependent how wide angle and telephoto you need to go, what type of increments between lenses, and whether you tend to shoot closed down, or want maximum bokeh. The 65/125mm f3.2/250 give you huge range, and a very fast lens in the middle, while the 65/135/250 give s you the range, and a lens that is best with smaller apertures in the middle (and costs less / lighter)...sort of a 85mm f1.2 vs 85mm f1.8 comparison. The 50mm lens is not as sharp as the 65mm, and has restricted movements / coverage. The 300mm is a beast, and slower at f6.3.

If you need less range, you'll also same some money wand weight with an 80mm, 135mm, 210 setup, all f5.6, all very affordable, and the80mm and 210 lenses as sharp as they get, corner to corner, all apertures. A 150mm f4.5 can be swapped into the middle, which is an optical upgrade and speed bump to the 135mm. Kind of how teh 100mm f2 is a bot better than the 85mm f1.8, but both excellent performance and value.

I can also set you up with a prism and believe I have an extra loupe finder that I am selling as well. Other items to consider is a 2 and/or 4 fold bellows, 40mm or 80mm extension rails, elec. cable release, AA battery pack and/or AC adapter, comp lens hood, and whether you want any film back (at least 1 is a good idea, for backup, for long exposures, for extreme movement, more wide-angle view, etc).

Best to continue on email at or call 416-539-9585. I can quote you a complete kit...just wanted to narrow down the choices. Some prices are already listed in the ad. I can do a bit of discount.freebie for complete multi-lens kit with adapter, and you will substantially save on postage too. I can have all together and sent out in a day, and will give you an extra $50 off and 1 year phone / Skype / email support on the kit, if I get PP payment in 24 hrs, as I need to pay for some new online purchases asap.


I'm potentially interested in a complete fuji 680 kit with a set of lenses. Don't know too much about the system, not sure what I need.  Wondering what you'd recommend.  I have a CF 528 back which I believe I can buy and adapter for to fit the camera and don't expect to shoot much if any film.   Do I need the III or Huh

What kind of finders are available?  Prism and loupe desired.
Can you quote me for a complete kit?

btw - I'm located in San Francisco

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