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Author Topic: Your excellent tutorial, what software for edit and export?  (Read 3710 times)


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Your excellent tutorial, what software for edit and export?
« on: August 30, 2010, 07:29:38 PM »

Hi guys, I asked a question in "Equipment - Motion - Video" but got no answers so far.

"I am a newbie in digital video, just got 9 movies transferred from VHS to Digital DVD´s. I took them 1989-1990 with a Sony Handcam when me and my 2 daughters lived a year in NZ and made a trip round the world (we are from Sweden).
I have tried using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, I am using my friends computer that has that software.

One movie that is 13 minutes in original and 756 Mbytes as a .vob file, when I edited it down to 4 minutes and 5 seconds and exported it to an .avi file, it ended up being 932 Mbytes. I export for PAL.

I tried to export the same file as Mpeg2 (.m2v file) and then it was "only" 122 Mbytes but I got much worse quality and no sound. That one was exported as NTSC, I missed to change to PAL. Has that any influence on the size?

I downloaded The Luminous Landscapes "Guide to Lightroom3" the free one. That one is a 10 minutes long .mov file, has very good quality and takes only 87 Mbytes.     

So can anyone advice me how to get good quality combined with small size out of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4?

I also asked my friend why he has not upgraded to CS5 but he says that it does not work on 32bits computer, you need a 64 bits computer for the new version.
Is that true?

Lots of questions but I hope someone has time to give me some answeres and advices.


Sven Johnson"

So how did you do, what software and what parameters to get that high quality and a not so big output file?

Best regards
Sven Johnson

Chris Sanderson

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Re: Your excellent tutorial, what software for edit and export?
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2010, 09:23:51 PM »

I use Apple's Final Cut Pro for the edit and the output a compressed MOV file through Apple's Compressor.

The equivalent software exists in Adobe's CS5 Production Suite.
Christopher Sanderson
The Luminous-Landscape
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