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Author Topic: Zeiss vs Canon EF-L  (Read 2455 times)


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Zeiss vs Canon EF-L
« on: July 10, 2010, 04:16:38 pm »

As I looked up some info about Zeiss last night via a Chinese forum, I found a funny thread with some funny replies.  I have translated one via google and hope you guys will understand.  I can offer a detailer translation if anyone doesn't understand the passage.

MTF chart is released by its own factory, DLBB member's graphs I have a closer look at the source before, is done by a third party testing, I think there should be more objective it!

Today, with a digital camera to do the standard, I do not think it fair to say no, because the film has gone, as users, want to know the lens in their digital cameras
The play is how!

Carl zeiss unfair can only say that no progress to blame it, Canon has gone beyond the objective facts, at least in the digital light sensor on the rapid progress indeed

I think if today there are ultrasonic focus Carl Zeiss, plus performance than Canon or equivalent, with the original price even if the Air Qi, I think today may be the single largest
Carl Zeiss, we will fight to live to the Carl Zeiss, rather than white II, 135L, 85L, 35L, 24-105L and so on .... there are many

In fact, I would also like Carl Zeiss / Leica and other plants can keep up with Canon / Nikon, we can choose more than

Spent many years Canon, it is a bit boring, but read the other 135 systems, a detailed comparison of the performance, the Canon did not beat the manufacturers can significantly

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