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Author Topic: Sinar Kit - Excellent condition  (Read 6027 times)


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Sinar Kit - Excellent condition
« on: December 04, 2009, 07:46:23 am »

Hello everyone, just listing some bits and pieces that I would like to sell from my own personal camera collection. If you're interested then please email me at . I think paypal would be the best payment method on this kit.

1. Sinar P2, SinarCam 1, Leaf Volare and One 80mm DB Lens

Sinar Cam 1 and Sinar P2 in excellent condition. Works perfectly.

Leaf Volare info:

    * Three-shot digital camera back
    * Sensor: actively cooled 2048x3072-pixel CCD
    * 14-bit color
    * Leaf 14-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Here is what you get:

    * Leaf Volare (6MP 3x Shot)
    * Volare personality files and Leaf capture software on CD
    * Sinar Aperture controller
    * Sinar DB lens 80mm/in DB mount
    * Sinarcam One, 3 shot shutter system
    * Sinar P2 rear bearer
    * Sinar P2 front bearer with frame
    * 16" P2 extension rail c/w 1 x end cap and rail clamp
    * Sinar Extra wide angle bag bellows
    * All relevant connecting cables for above
    * external power supply
    * PCI taxi card suitable for Apple G3 and G4 only compliant to OS 10.4

I am looking for around 2,500 ono for this kit. I also have a Mac G4 Tower to go with it if someone needs it.


Please note
that these lenses are all DB mounts which means they work only on SinarCam 1, 2 and 3 in conjunction with an Sinar Aperture controller (I have about 4 Aperture Controllers to sell).

2. Sinaron W f=75mm MC Large Format Lens 5x4

Sinaron-W Lenses:Professional lenses with an especially large image circle or angle of view of 100 degrees. The six-element designs with focal lengths of 90, 115, 155 and 200mm have a maximum aperture of f/6.8, and the eight-element designs with focal lengths of 65, 75 and 90mm have a maximum aperture of f/4.5. They produce a very bright focusing image with uniform illumination all the way into the corners.

Comes with lens caps. 200 ono.

3. Sinaron Digital 1:4 f=105mm DB Large Format Lens 5x4

For use with the Sinarcam2, the Aperture Control Sinarcam1 and also with Sinar Expolux shutters on Sinar view cameras. INFO: Sinar Auto Aperture Mount DB are most convenient to operate. With its automatic aperture control they allow aperture settings of up to f/45 with the Sinar Auto Aperture Shutter. Auto Aperture Mount DB is the standard mount for all Sinaron large-format lenses. Sinaron Digital Lenses with Auto Aperture Mounts were designed for use with digital single-chip CCD backs.
Resolving power and selection of focal lengths are tailored specifically to the small size of the CCD array.

No Lens caps. 200 ono.

4. Sinaron Digital 1:5.6 f=135mm DB Large Format Lens 5x4

One Lens cap. 200 ono.

5. Sinaron Digital 1:4.8 f=180mm DB Large Format Lens 5x4

One lens cap. 200 ono

6. Sinaron SE 1:5.6 f=150mm MC Large Format Lens 5x4

Sinaron-SE Lenses info: This design represents state of the art technology, incorporating significant improvements over earlier comparable lens types in terms of image quality, especially in the close-up range. Stray light within the lens amounts to less than one percent, producing better contrast in the images. The angle of view subtended by its image circle was increased to 75 degrees. Color correction was improved still further by the use of ED glass types.

Comes with one lens cap. 200 ono

7. Sinaron S 1:5.8 f=210mm DB Large Format Lens 5x4

Sinaron-S Lenses: Standard lenses that feature an enlarged image circle with an angle of view of 72 degrees, which allows greater freedom for camera adjustments than conventional normal focal lengths that have an angle of view of only 53 degrees.

Includes both original lens caps. 200 ono

8. Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 6.6/360mm MC - Copal Shutter

Used Schneider 360/ 6.8 SYMMAR S MC- Great condition. Comes with Copal shutter.

One Lens caps. Comes with Sinar 5x4 plate. 350 ono

9. Sinar Aperture Control

150 ono

If you're interested then please email me at
Lawrie Hope
London, UK
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