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Author Topic: It's all moving too fast  (Read 6728 times)


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It's all moving too fast
« Reply #20 on: November 13, 2009, 02:55:03 pm »

Quote from: Adam L
K.C. - you are so right.  I can't pick up the 20D after seeing what this small sensor camera is capable of doing.   I also can't let my lenses sit and collect dust.  I think I have more issues than just the camera upgrade.

I love small cameras.  I have an LX3 which I adore for street work and because it's always with me, so I don't miss the shot I can't take.  But the sensor size issue seems to be missing from this thread.  

There's no comparison between a small-sensor camera and a full-frame or MF camera where selective focus is called for.  The next generation small sensor marvel with optically impossible light-gathering capability couldn't have taken the beautiful image posted above by Jim Pascoe.  The lovely way the focus fades away in front of and behind just can't be done.

So, as Michael loves to repeat, "Horses for Courses".

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