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Author Topic: epson 9900 faq  (Read 17889 times)

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epson 9900 faq
« Reply #40 on: November 18, 2009, 01:31:01 pm »

Quote from: john milich
hooked up the printer via usb (had to move some things around to get it close enough).
it was not plug and play, after several attempts had to use the epson disc and install from scratch.

was still not able to get the LPF to install the updated firmware; this time it did not find the printer, (though i was able to print from CS4, and the printer watcher is showing the 9900)

had an odd problem there: had uprezzed an image to print at 24 x 24 on a 24 roll, made a nice print while still hooked up to the network.
after the usb change when i tried to print from CS4, got a PS message saying I had to first install a printer.  but only with that image, when i selected other tif files, no problem???

downlaaded .icc profiles from ilford for the galerie silk, put them in windows/system32/spool/drivers/color, but CS4 did not find them when i was selecting paper.  had to use an epson photo glossy paper profile.  seems like epson profiles are somewhere else

how do you select the paper length when roll printing?  the only way i could do it was to select roll and 24x30 (I wanted to print 24x24) under "user" i expected to be able to make my own sizes, but no

John - PC or Mac? Makes a differance with your OS recognizing the ICC's. Also, you can create custom page sizes to accomodate shorter length - if you need any help you can give me a call at 415-382-8681
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