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Author Topic: Leica S2 Pricing  (Read 82714 times)


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Leica S2 Pricing
« Reply #260 on: October 20, 2009, 05:01:02 pm »

Quote from: BJL
Amazingly optimistic spin by BJP:
Fact: a product promised for this month is now not coming until later; either December or early next year, depending on which source you read. ...
To be fair to Leica, every DMF maker (or would-be maker) has gone through delays and cancellations of announced products, signs I think of a very tough market environment for all of them. Some products still not here past the initial announced arrival date, or promised but then cancelled:
- Leica S2 and lenses
- Hasselblad H3D-60
- Pentax 645D
- one of more lenses for the Hy6 system, like a wider wide angle
- leaf shutter lenses for the Mamiya/Phase One 645AF system
- Mamiya 45-90 zoom

Did  I leave anyone out?


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Leica S2 Pricing
« Reply #261 on: October 20, 2009, 05:29:28 pm »

Quote from: pschefz
the airport lightbox/print display? slightly better then billboard quality print? with penny size dots?
or the lcd display which is fed by a 1000x1500 sRGB jpg 9 compression?
yes the 60mp really are necessary....

Not the displays at the airports in my area. They are still backlit transparency inkjet prints. Of course 20MP is plenty at normal viewing distance but when the AD's are looking at it on their screens they worry that it's not enough.  In the old days they handed the chromes over to the printer and never pixel peeped so they didn't know how low the res really was. I have 2MP files from my old Nikon that made beautiful 16x20" prints hanging on my wall - so you're preaching to the choir on this point.
We don't know what we don't know.
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