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Author Topic: Does anyone know where to rent a high resolution projector?  (Read 6525 times)

Dan Wells

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I need a 1080p projector or a Realis for an art show in Boston on November 1 - XGA simply doesn't cut it for displaying photography seriously... I can only find two rental offers online for any sort of high resolution projector, one of which is probably a Realis (of unspecified model) for $349 per day - it's listed as 1400x1050, which is generally one of the Canons. The other one had no price, but when I saw what it was (a Christie 12,000 lumen digital cinema projector), I didn't bother to inquire further - that simply  HAS to be massively expensive to rent, since it's a $20,000+ machine! Unless it's one of the very high-end models, the Realis also strikes me as very expensive - I was hoping to pay more like $150-$200 per day than $349 (since most of these projectors only cost $2000-$3000). Does anyone know a good source to rent one of these, either in the Boston area, or that will deliver there?



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Does anyone know where to rent a high resolution projector?
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I'd be more use in Boston UK than Mass but I've rented plenty of projectors and $349 sounds ott.  Where are you trying?  Sound and lighting companies hold high end stuff (at least over here).  Look up theatre suppliers in the area.
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