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Author Topic: If u ever go to egypt  (Read 15701 times)

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If u ever go to egypt
« Reply #20 on: May 16, 2005, 02:37:11 am »

Agree.  Its not true that you can or should only shoot at dawn or dusk.   That's photographic political correctness.  Some shots work better in these lighting conditions

I just mentioned that the light is too harsh. I did not mention that you can/should only shoot at dawn or dusk. I have a bit of experience photographing in the desert, in the Empty Quarter and Wahibas of Oman. Invariably, the colours of the sand are richer with warmer side lighting, and the textures are more clearly picked up too.

To me, the photograph in question would be more interesting under a different light. It is fine to cpature the harshness of the desert, but it is visually less compelling.

I do understand the limitations imposed by not being able to be in one place at the right time. The image is still interesting, all I am saying is that there is potential for more.
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