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Author Topic: UK National Trust - Crackdown on photography  (Read 34442 times)

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Re: UK National Trust - Crackdown on photography
« Reply #40 on: October 24, 2010, 04:58:50 am »

What a disingenuous lot of posts!

The truth, which I'm sure everybody understands but seems to prefer to ignore, is money.

Posting on international websites is not just the modest, love-me exercise that some here present it to be; it's a search for some misguided soul willing to part with a couple of cents. And you imagine the NT, for one, is ignorant of that fact?

I used to do some commerical shoots on 'protected' properties; at no time was I asked to pay a penny. All that was wanted was that I pay them the courtesy of letting them know my intentions and where publication would take place. Land/property become part of the National Trust (NT) as a last resort because the original owners have been taxed out of the possibility of running their estate or stately home; when you have bled to death, you can no longer be a blood donor. So, where can the NT find the money to take over the maintenance of these piles? From entrance fees, possible grants, always, in the end, from the public. As with government, the NT has no money machine of its own: it takes its revenue from us. The question, then, has to be: do we want to pay higher taxes or do we want those who visit these places pay for the pleasure, however that pleasure is manifest, snapping being a possibility? Or, is it better to allow history to turn to dust?

I noted the acidic attack on private education and the assumed snobbery and idiocy the writer finds synonymous with the word private; how sad and unrelated to reality. But then, that school of thought was ever disassociated from reality; note the French unions... will they now print their own union euro? Keep on spending the money, however huge the hole you are digging; your grandchildren will love you.!

Rob C
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