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Author Topic: replacing printhead on an epson 4800  (Read 2132 times)


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replacing printhead on an epson 4800
« on: February 21, 2009, 04:11:47 am »

I have an epson 4800 which I am considering converting into a dye sublimation printer.

However, I am concerned that the printheads might be completely shot.  I was given this printer a few months ago.  It came from the prepress department of an offset printing company that went out of business so I have no idea how long it had been sitting around for prior to receiving it.  I managed to run one cleaning cycle and one nozzle check (a few clogged) before running out of ink and setting it aside (I couldn't think of situation where i'd use it over a z3100 of ipf9000).

So I was thinking of buying these cleaning cartridges since I would need them to flush out the lines before converting to dye sublimation inks anyway.  Does anyone have any experience with these?  Are they useful for unclogging a printhead?

But in the event that the printhead is still messed up after that, is the printhead on the 4800 a user replacable part?  If so where can I get one?

Jim Pascoe

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replacing printhead on an epson 4800
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2009, 04:18:18 pm »

Is that possible?  I thought Dye-sub was a completely different printing process. Certainly nothing to do with ink jet.
But perhaps I have got the wrong end of the stick.
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