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Author Topic: back/front focus and AF microadjustment  (Read 11014 times)

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back/front focus and AF microadjustment
« Reply #20 on: January 15, 2009, 12:37:49 pm »

Interesting James ... but i guess Canon still have to acknowledge the fact that af microadjustment varies (certainly close up) according to distance. This then needs to be added somehow to the existing af system.
Now that we have 21mp cameras (and probably more with the Mark 4 when it arrives), these issues need to be addressed if we are to get the most from our lenses.
Af microadjustment seems like a fantastic idea ... on the face of it ... but in practice it seems to have its shortfalls. Why isn't anything ever simple !?  
My kit is still with Canon Service awaiting verification - third time lucky eh ?! But looking at my test results above, i think my 85mm f1.2 is actually more than +20 out.
Quote from: james_elliot
Yes they can, and the information was available in the former Canon raw file format (CRW) that was used for example by the good old 300D. It is mandatory for the body to get the distance from the lens for E-TTLII to work.
However Canon doesn't seem to store the information anymore in its CR2 files. A real pity, even more so if you are using a software like DxO which needs this information to correct lens distorsion...
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