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Author Topic: Upres in ACR 5.2?  (Read 18270 times)


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Upres in ACR 5.2?
« Reply #20 on: December 30, 2008, 06:24:53 pm »

Quote from: pom
You prefer a method which is slower, counter intuitive and confusing given that PS works normally?
No I prefer LR's method that is faster and easier, plus it also means I can get horizontals corrected easier [if need be] at same time. It's only 'counter intuitive' as you put it, simply as you are used to the older version. It actually works more like you would do things in real life and may have been the original way of dong things in PS -  if the hardware had been up to it when PS was invented. Besides the PS way is not 'normal' if you consider when using a darkroom easel to crop and which predates PS, it works more like LR and the darkroom has been around a little bit longer than PS.
I also found LR's crop a bit odd at first, but the giveaway that it is better is that I now miss it in ACR/PS, despite having used it a lot more. Every time I use the crop tool in ACR, it annoys me it's not like LR as it's slower, clumsier and at times damned fiddly to use.
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