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Author Topic: Where does Bridge derive its color rendering of AdobeRGB jpegs  (Read 2087 times)

Tim Lookingbill

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The image below is a screencapture showing how my Pentax K100D AdobeRGB jpeg captures appear in Apple's color managed Preview and CS2 compared to Bridge. I realize this version of Bridge was not color managed but I can't figure out what color profile (it's not the display's, I checked) it's displaying through to arrive at the rendering depicted. My 20" iMac display is calibrated with the i1 Display in Mac OS 10.4.11.

I happen to like it's rendering over what the color managed apps are producing to the extent I've created a custom curve to emulate Bridge's rendition. Just wondering where Bridge is getting its color ideas from.

I posted this over at the Adobe Bridge forums and haven't gotten an answer. I realize I'm using an outdated version of the app but I've never come across this kind of color weirdness in all the years working with color managed and nonCM apps. I've assigned several different display and color space profiles to the AdobeRGB jpegs and nothing can duplicate this look.

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