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Author Topic: Epson 11880 + Canon 1Ds MKIII File 2m Output: Resize + Sharpening Suggestions Wanted  (Read 1220 times)


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I have a client who would like a couple images printed at about 2 meters in size (in their largest dimension), about 1.5m in the smaller dimension. These images were shot on a Canon 1Ds MKIII and will be printed in black & white, most likely on an Epson 11880.

As printing, up-sizing, sharpening, etc., are all pretty deep rabbit holes I am hoping that some of you folks out there can give me a best practices approach to this, and what limitations I can expect to run into (ie is this going to be too big to look any good?).

-- Processing--
*In Lightroom?
**What sharpening settings (any?) to use?
**Should I resize here or in PS? How large can I resize this print before it completely disintegrates?
**What PPI output should I be using for this printer/size combination?

**What colour space (this is a BW image)?
**Where should sharpening be done? PS/LR? How much?
**Printing PPI....?

And any other suggestions/comments that I have not considered.



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