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Author Topic: RIP software for HP z3100  (Read 18818 times)

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RIP software for HP z3100
« Reply #20 on: May 09, 2009, 05:31:12 pm »

Quote from: robmaci
I just bought Qimage and found out the hard way that it won't print on banner mode in order to extend the mazimum size the z3100 will print.  Hp's driver doesn't support banner mode.  I though these rips were their own drivers?

That is correct. I have written about that print length mismatch of the Z driver and Qimage often. The solution is the HPGL/2 upgrade for the Z models that allows a larger print page. Qimage will print long lengths with the Canon and Epson drivers though.

Qimage has many features that other RIPs have and quite often even more features than some RIPs but it relies on the manufacturer's drivers for the final rasterising step. So it may not be a Raster Image Processor in its purest definition, it has most aspects of a RIP in practice. RIPs come in many disguises, with and without Postscript interpretation, CMYK or RGB-device ICC profiling, user adjustable media presets or not, etc.

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