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Author Topic: 24 vs 28  (Read 1510 times)


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24 vs 28
« on: July 16, 2008, 01:10:50 pm »

Hello everybody. I'm looking for some advices. I'm going to buy a digital back, it will be a P45 (it'll depend on the cost if P45 or P45+). I need very short lenses, a 28mm or a 24mm. I don't need shift capabilities, but I need a good lens from the center to the corners. In the web I found few shots taken with the 24mm Digitar from Schneider, but nothing about the 28mm from Mamiya. They are very different, one need a view camera (like Horseman or Cambo), the other is an AF lens. In terms of price they are very similar: I can take the horseman+24mm+accessories for 3800 euros; and the 28mm from mamiya for 3900 euros. I know they are very different speaking about the way they work, and I prefer the 28mm (it will have more life because i'll can use it also with film so with every back in the future with different sensor dimensions), but I'm afraid it is not good in the corners. So, tell me what do you think. I will appreciate very much some tests and comparisons.
P.S. plese, excuse me for my english...
Many thanks!!!!
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