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Author Topic: RAW files: 1Ds3 and Phase P30+  (Read 124689 times)


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RAW files: 1Ds3 and Phase P30+
« Reply #180 on: July 08, 2008, 08:15:24 am »

Off the wall question here..
How does the 1DsMIII shoot tethered since it has no firewire now? Is it through USB Now and if so.. isn't that slower than Firewire and more problematic?
Just was wondering..

It's usb in mk3. Tether to mac is slow unless running windows in it.
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 post #9 for example.



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RAW files: 1Ds3 and Phase P30+
« Reply #181 on: July 08, 2008, 08:31:23 am »

I shoot to a PC. Tethered speed is at least as fast if not better than the 1dSMK2 fire wire. The biggest draw back is I have all these long fire wire cables I can't use anymore!


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RAW files: 1Ds3 and Phase P30+
« Reply #182 on: July 08, 2008, 11:27:07 am »


See reply 23
It's an extreme sample, but sort like stories have been appearing on several sites.
I tested a 1DsIII a while ago and also found that f11 was noticable softer that f8 and this was with a 70-200 f2.8 L IS.
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This behavior is no different than the 1Ds2.

It varies by lens:

I have used the 16-35 Mark I and the 16-35 Mark II, both on the 1DsM3.  At 16mm and at 24mm, the 16-35 Mark I is noticeably sharper at F8 than at F11.  At 16mm and 24mm, the 16-35 Mark II is a touch sharper at F11 than at F8.

The 50/1.2 is very sharp at f/11.

The 24/tse lens is sharper at f/11 than f/5.6 but it's very soft at f/22.  Similarly, the 14/2.8 II lens is sharper at f11 than f/5.6 or f/22.  And same goes for the 24/1.4 lens.

Also, much depends upon what you are after.  I have some architecture shots made last year, on the 1Ds2 and the 90/tse lens.  In one series, f/5.6 is sharper at the focus point than f/16 but f/16 still has better depth of field.
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