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Author Topic: 2.0?  (Read 11925 times)


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« Reply #20 on: February 21, 2008, 12:54:38 pm »

I am tempted to switch, but AFAICT Aperture doesn't have CA correction even in 2.0, which I need for one of my favorite lenses.  Thus I'm willing to give LR the benefit of the doubt for a little while longer.  However, it's obvious that with their main competitor having released a 2.0, they will have to, too, if only for marketing purposes. 

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actually...i was missing that as well...BUT i read that it IS built in, i think it is built into one of the other corrrection sliders and does it automatically? strange, i know...i tried one of my lenses with an image that i know had some CA and the conversion was up on it, i think it is in there....


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« Reply #21 on: February 21, 2008, 01:20:02 pm »

I'm not in any hurry to pay for an upgrade to Lightroom 2.0

There is a lot of functionality I'd like to see added but I'm willing to take it for free with Lightroom 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 etc.    

The good news with Aperture 2.0 is the lowering of the price.  That should put some pressure on Adobe not to bloat Lightroom's price.


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« Reply #22 on: March 03, 2008, 07:50:22 pm »

adobe says it would take about 5 years and 5 more versions of LR to include the entire list....sorry...can't wait that long...
i switched to aperture for the moment...
because NOW it gives me:
tethered shooting
dual monitor support
printing works!
on par conversions with LR (aperture 1.5 was way off)
moire slider (that works well and simple)

all these features are here today and work!

what i am missing:
presets/looks (there is a workaround, but come on...)
snapshots (there is a workaround for this as well, but again...)
why i am switching: the features i need most are in aperture guessing when they might come....conversions are great...which is really the most important seems like aperture needs some fixes at this point, LR a whole list of features, by the end of the year aperture might have what i am asking for, LR definitely won't (according to them i might have to wait 5 years) has proven to provide industry leading pro-apps (video, music) and with this release showed that they are serious about aperture as well....if anyone can take on adobe on that level, it is apple
also: the integration with apple os and all ilife/iapps is just amazing and this is only the beginning....adobe will never have this....

both apps are great, do yourself a favor and check them both out.....
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Hi, Paul,
Two questions :
1/ Do you feel skin tones on A2 are more real than LR's ?
2/ Isn't A2 still much slower than LR ? (on a PPC G5 2x2,5 Ghz - 3 Gb RAM, I experimented real slowness).

John Camp

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« Reply #23 on: March 03, 2008, 09:07:26 pm »

I sort of hate to see these features lists -- if they put them all in, an additional feature I'd like to see is <edit features list> so we can hide all the stuff we don't need. One of the things I like about LR is that it's not crapped up by six million things like Photoshop. You can do almost anything you want with Photoshop, but it takes a year of study to figure out which things you really need, and where they are, and to memorize the shortcuts, because there are so many of them. IMHO, LR might need a few more things, but give us five more versions, and it'll be just as bloated and unwieldy as Photoshop. As for Aperture...good luck.

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