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Author Topic: input wanted for new software  (Read 3334 times)


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input wanted for new software
« on: December 07, 2007, 10:50:06 AM »

Hi everybody,

I've been considering this problem of growing data sizes and accumulation of megabytes for a while now, and all in all, haven't been too satisfied with the software I've found so far. So I started coding...

The first thing I wanted to address was user interface: I wanted something that would let me find things quickly and easily. I came up with a "click and zoom" interface: the mouse wheel lets you zoom in and out from thumbnail level down to 100% view. Seamlessly.

Photos are currently organised as a calendar ("when?"), and I'm in the process of adding other views. Namely, a map ("where?"), people groups ("who?") and categories ("what?"). I guess this makes sense, and there isn't much more to add.

The next step will be about storage: dealing with disks that might be off, backups, remote storage and the ever-amusing problem of not loading the laptop with too much useless data. Dealing with all that in a way that would let us search our archives nice & fast regardless.

Ok, at this point, I hope everybody understands that this isn't meant to be spam but genuinely is about trying to create something useful that makes everybody happy.

There are two things I'd like to hear from guys like you:
 - comments on the current version. What works, what doesn't.
 - suggestions, as in task you find frustrating today and wish the computer could do by itself (or make less frustrating).

here is the link to my site: . This only runs on PC for now (but OSX is in the plan)

Thanks in advance everybody
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