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Poll results
« on: November 26, 2007, 02:36:27 am »

Based on the poll it looks like Phase is a clear leader in MFD. I have heard from other sources that Phase is a leader. If I did landscapes, hence long exposure Phase is the only way to go. I heard from a very good Leaf rep that Sinar was running 4th ,last July 2006.( these results say that) The Hy6 project is to raise that market share for Sinar. Now back to Phase & Mamiya I think it had to be done. Keeping the system open means that Sinar & Leaf will still make backs for Mamiya. What I find very positive is that the choice of lenses will increase for Mamiya. Leaf shutters will be a bonus. The new 28mm is a real beauty & it does not need software to correct it. Hasselblad has gone there own way & I know photographers that are very happy with the system.
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