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Author Topic: "Failed to Export files" WHY?  (Read 2017 times)


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"Failed to Export files" WHY?
« on: September 03, 2007, 02:15:11 pm »

Hi All -

I used LR for the first time today to import a photo shoot of 142 RAWS. I did all my corrections, then went to export them as .jpgs. LR only exported a little over half of them, then stopped and told me there was an error exporting the other 60 files. Upon attempting to export the same files, it choked again and refused to export the files. What gives? They were all imported at the same time from the same CF card, were converted to .dngs, all corrections were performed at the same time, etc.

XP, core 2 duo, 2GB ram, 10k sata drives, etc. Anyone else experience this?


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