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Author Topic: Home Sweet Home @ 50 below zero  (Read 284350 times)


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Re: Home Sweet Home @ 50 below zero
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Quote from: Frank on April 17, 2011, 05:47:49 PM

Although I wasn't in Barrow this year for whaling; we are still in Anchorage.

But under the 'fair use act' I can use these photos from a friend that was there.

A whale was caught not too far away from this crew, That animal being cut up and divided brought the smell of blood into the air; polar bears soon arrive in many different locations looking for food.

Making noise, waving arms, shouting and firing a rifle into the ice close by is enough to scare them away.  

It is always a good thing to have someone in front of you with a rifle!! (chuckle) Just in case.!!

Wow, great photos and very talented (and patient) kids. Great job :)
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