How do you think, does the colour printing work with the z3100... ?

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HP realls should work on it.
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I don't care. (don't have the printer)
- 2 (18.2%)

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Author Topic: Helping to get HP moving...  (Read 1641 times)


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Helping to get HP moving...
« on: June 14, 2007, 06:27:53 pm »

Now, I really think, it is time to act, because HP had a lot of time fixing the problems, and I think they not just fixed it, they even made it worse. Now I really have the feeling HP won't work that much on their colour mixing system, because THEY are quite happy with it. So I would ask everyone, who is not happy with his expensive HP z3100 printer and how it produces worse saturaded reds and some other colors, compared to some cheaper printers, to send me a short email dtating, that he/she would like HP really to work hard on these problems. Just drop me a short line, and I will make sure that they  reach the right spot.

One last note, and I really would like your opinion Michael. Your review sounds like our all so much "hated" z3100 printer is working brilliantly on your end. I know that someone who doesn't work with higher saturated colors doesn't have these problems. But, it just would be so helpful to get HP moving in this case, because there are people who need saturaded colors on matt paper. It's always much easier to get results with someone "famous" in front than if you have to go through the qualifing first.


Christopher Hauser
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