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Author Topic: Sony Plastation3 and LLVJ Downloads. It works!  (Read 4044 times)


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Sony Plastation3 and LLVJ Downloads. It works!
« on: April 15, 2007, 01:33:39 pm »

Just a heads-up for early adopters. I have just downloaded a HiRes LLVJ sample, dragged it onto a memory stick and stuck that into a Playstation3. Instant video playback with Michael on a 70" HD-TV. OK, the picture is not HD but it's competitive with some broadcast news channels. At least the 16:9 aspect ratio looks fine. This is far, far superior to the hassle of burning DVDs. I bought the Playstation3 for the kids (and for myself to play Blu-Ray movie discs) but this is a nice bonus.

By the way, it also has a great slide-show mode (called Portrait-Mode) that sort of zooms and scrolls your pictures across the screen. Since it feeds the TV (mine is a 70" Sony) via HDMI the resolution is superb. I loaded thousands of 2000pixel-wide jpegs into the PS3, including old film scans, and now I can enjoy my pics at any time. The PS3 has a 60GB hard disc, so plenty of room for jpegs, but you can always add an external hard disc anyway, via the USB2 inputs. Highly recommended, even though I do not play any games with it. The kids do. The Sony TV can of course also be used as a PC monitor (1080x1920 max) but that would involve hooking up a laptop. The memory stick is much more convenient for viewing both photos and video.
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