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Author Topic: Hy6 vs H3D - Buyer's eval process  (Read 97744 times)


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Hy6 vs H3D - Buyer's eval process
« Reply #200 on: March 07, 2007, 03:11:48 am »

sorry for any misunderstanding: YES, the sync speed is 1/100th

What I wanted to say is that most are using it for studio work (stills).

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So the synch speed is 100s with all lenses ??[/color]

the quote

"As for the Sinar m and 1/100 sync speed: most (if not all) are using the "m" with digital lenses mount on CAB/CMV lenses (full or semi-automatic controlled)"

Makes it look like that may not be the case - I dont understand - this quote seems to imply that maybe it sysnchs fater with these lenses

YES or NO will do !


I am not trying to criticise your system I am just trying to gather information - I was very exited too

This product could appeal to me if that were the case (decent flash on some lenses) even though it is costly

Because I have a P2 a sinar back and nikkors from 14 trhough to 600 and Nikon dont make a FF back

Even though it is expensive it could stack up after disposal of my D200, SLRn H1 HC lenses etc

And it hints at using the full area of Nikkor lenses which I know to be way larger than 35mm chip size although not covering 22mp

Trouble is I need some decent synch somewhere in my gear portfolio

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Thierry Hagenauer
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